Take Cleaning Off Your Plate as Thanksgiving Approaches

Take Cleaning Off Your Plate as Thanksgiving Approaches

Take Cleaning Off Your Plate as Thanksgiving Approaches

For many people around the United States, Thanksgiving preparations have truly kicked into high gear. The majority of us have already decided where we’ll spend the big celebrating lunch and football game, whether it’ll be with family, friends, or both. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?

You’ve undoubtedly been planning since Halloween if you’re hosting this year. There’s a lot to do: arrange the cuisine, invite guests, figure out where everyone will sleep, purchase food, obtain a centerpiece and place settings, prepare grace, and so on.

So many questions! You undoubtedly have a lot of things running through your mind:

  • Should I put up a separate table for the kids?
  • Should I solicit the help of another person to say grace?
  • Should I request that someone bring a couple of air mattresses, or should I just go out and buy some?
  • Will everyone be at ease and content?
  • How can I approach things differently this year than last year in order to avoid being unduly stressed?

We can’t answer all of this, but we can assist you in firmly answering that last question. Preparing one’s house for Thanksgiving and other holiday events is a source of worry for many individuals. You want it to be spotless so your visitors feel at ease, but you don’t have time to thoroughly clean because you already have so much on your plate.

Allow us to take care of the cleaning for you

Kimberly's Kleaning Service can take care of all of your pre-Thanksgiving cleaning needs, allowing you to concentrate on other things. It’s not too late to call Kimberly's Kleaning Service and make an appointment! Call 702-263-0468 to talk with Kimberly, our founder. She’ll go over your cleaning requirements with you, provide you with a free estimate over the phone, and arrange your appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you.

We don’t cut corners; instead, we clean them!

Your family and guests will be delighted at how clean your home is when Kimberly's Kleaning Service takes care of your pre-Thanksgiving cleaning needs. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration more—you could even have time for a lengthy sleep before your guests arrive, so you’ll be fully revived and invigorated when it’s time to serve Thanksgiving dinner.

Cleaning before and after Thanksgiving

Can you image how happy you’ll be on Thanksgiving if you don’t have to tidy up before the big event? Consider arranging a cleaning service after Thanksgiving so you can continue to enjoy your holiday weekend after your guests have departed.

Take your thankfulness to a whole new level this year

That’ll be something for which to be grateful! Call Kimberly's Kleaning Service at 702-263-0468 to give yourself a break and make this year’s Thanksgiving so much more joyful. Remember that you can sign up for ongoing cleaning services, too.

Need help? Call Kimberly anytime at 702-263-0468