Moving into a New House Soon? Get Professional Cleaning in Winchester NV Today


Moving into a New House Soon? Get Professional Cleaning in Winchester NV Today

Moving into a new place is an exciting but nonetheless stressful chapter in your life. Many find this life change positive; however, they find it equally as, or sometimes even more, stressful. It seems like there’s so much to do, yet so little time. New homeowners find themselves juggling the logistics of purchasing and moving […]

Chime in the New Year with a Clean Home in Summerlin NV

The beginning of 2020 means a lot of things: the start of a new year, the kick-off to a new decade, and the time that we’re supposed to be coming up with and sticking to New Year’s resolutions. Dieting and losing weight are perhaps some of the top resolutions people across the nation come up […]

Debunking Common Myths About Maid Service in Las Vegas NV

You might have friends or family members brag to you about how nice it is to have maids come clean their Las Vegas, NV home every now and then. Or, maybe you were raised in a home where you were taught to pick up after yourself and not rely on others to keep your space […]

Hosting Christmas This Year? Get House Cleaning Service in Spring Valley NV!

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for many people. Between buying Christmas presents for your loved ones, decking the halls with your finest Christmas decorations, and fixing up a nice holiday dinner, there’s likely little time left on your schedule to do anything else except tend to your usual, everyday responsibilities. It’s […]

3 Reasons Kimberly’s Kleaning is Your Go-To Company for Holiday House Cleaning in Whitney NV

It’s almost Christmastime, and you’re stressed. You haven’t finished putting together your plans for Christmas dinner. Maybe the house isn’t evenly fully decorated yet for the holiday. And worst of all, your house is a pigsty. So much to do, so little time! When it comes to hosting the holidays, everyone knows that the things […]

How Kimberly’s Kleaning Can Make Your Thanksgiving Easier in Henderson, NV

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing into warm colors, and fireplaces are being lit. Autumn is such a cozy and beautiful season! Although that may be true, it’s also true is that as Thanksgiving rolls around, we start to get more stressed as formal lunches and dinners are being planned with loved […]

Be Thankful for a Clean House This November, Hire a Professional Cleaner in Anthem, NV!

November is the official time to give thanks. During this month, many folks take the time to slow down to celebrate the possessions, opportunities, and people in their lives. Although we should be grateful all year ‘round, this time of year is when we make sure we feel and express our gratitude. If you’re looking […]

Give Your Family a Better Home with Professional Cleaning in Las Vegas

Autumn is here, and for many, winter-like weather has already settled in. Due to the weather changes and the longer nights this time of year, many would rather spend more time indoors than outdoors. Cozy nights on the couch watching holiday movies with the family, cuddles near the crackling fire, cooking warm comfort food from […]

Halloween Decor is in, Authentic Cobwebs are Not. Let Our Maids in Southern Highlands Tidy Up Your Home

It’s spooky season! That means it’s time for Jack-‘o-Lanterns, costume-wearing, trick-or-treating, and scary ghost stories. For some people, it also means decking their home out with Halloween décor: pretend gravestones, skulls and bones, skeletons, bats, orange and purple lights, and cobwebs. While Halloween isn’t for everyone, others enjoy this autumn holiday. Regardless of whether or […]

Breezy Fall Cleaning in MacDonald Highlands

As springtime begins to roll around, everyone gets antsy about spring cleaning. With extra allergens in the air, many homeowners are determined to tidy their home up like never before. As everyone knows, spring cleaning goes way beyond your usual cleaning tasks like dusting and mopping. People also deep clean those regions of the house […]

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