Hosting a Halloween Party? Get a Clean Home in Enterprise NV


Hosting a Halloween Party? Get a Clean Home in Enterprise NV

Many people would tell you that Halloween parties are highly underrated. With tricks and spooks, entertaining costumes worn by people just about everywhere you go, spooky decorations left and right, and candy galore, this nighttime holiday makes for the perfect excuse to get your party on! Another thing that’s underrated is getting your home professionally […]

Get the Best Maid Service in Las Vegas NV

If you’re going to hire a maid, of course you’re going to want cleaning service that outbeats what you can do on your own during your own time. Nobody wants mediocre cleaning done by a so-called professional, especially when they’re forking out their hard-earned money; it’s go big or go home. Luckily, the maids at […]

Moving Out of Your Apartment in Whitney NV? Get as Much Deposit Back as Possible with Deep Cleaning Service

When you first move into an apartment, you work hard to make sure it’s neat, tidy, and sterilized enough before moving all your furniture and personal belongings in. This is understandable as nobody wants to live in a germy, filthy home, unless, that is, you’re an ogre or a pig. So, it makes complete sense […]

Need Apartment Cleaning in Summerlin NV? Contact Kimberly’s Kleaning

No matter where you live or what you live in – a townhouse, condo, duplex, manufactured home, single family home, multi-family home, or apartment – know that you deserve a clean space to reside in. Clutter and muck only make for an unattractive, unsafe, and stress-inducing environment. That said, we recommend opting for professional maid […]

We’re Halfway Finished with the Year. Has Your Home in Las Vegas Been Deep Cleaned by a Maid Yet?

Maid service is one of those things that most people never opt for and never seriously consider. Most people either maintain the cleaning their home needs on their own, or they struggle to keep up with it – but never ask for the assistance of a maid. But we say, why not? There are many […]

How Kimberly’s Kleaning in Spring Valley NV is Operating During COVID-19

Many businesses have had to shift how they operate during the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to the severity of the virus, many businesses have even had to temporarily close due to the many changes that have been necessary to safely keep a business up and running. Some businesses are not considered essential and, thus, cannot safely […]

Get House Cleaning for Your Next Summer Bash in Summerlin NV

Seasons are soon to shift, Coronavirus lockdown requirements are beginning to lift, and many people are eager to start hosting summer parties with family and friends once more. Maybe you’re even planning a bash soon, perhaps sometime this month. Whether it be for Father’s Day, for a loved one’s birthday, or even just because, you’re […]

Maid Service in Whitney NV is a Perfect Gift for Father’s Day!

When we think of Father’s Day presents, we think of a new watch, a tie, a pair of cool socks, or a tool kit – usually something practical or nifty. But sometimes you just want to give something a little different, not just different from what you’ve gifted in the past but different as in […]

Get Spring Cleaning Done Early This Year. Hire a Maid in Whitney NV Now

With spring swiftly approaching, that can only mean one thing (apart from seasonal allergies): it’s time to spring into spring cleaning! Not everyone does it, of course, but this year, we want to reiterate the importance of cleaning your home thoroughly this upcoming season. Why Spring Cleaning is Important Some people just don’t “get” spring […]

2 Maids, 2 Hours, Only $130! Schedule Affordable Maid Service in Summerlin NV Today

When your home’s need for a deep cleaning is a definite must, but you feel your budget is too slim to hire a maid, you might feel uncertain what to do next. Clean it on your own? No, your time is too limited. Have the kids do some extra chores this week to earn a […]

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