How Kimberly’s Kleaning Can Make Your Thanksgiving Easier in Henderson, NV


How Kimberly’s Kleaning Can Make Your Thanksgiving Easier in Henderson, NV

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing into warm colors, and fireplaces are being lit. Autumn is such a cozy and beautiful season! Although that may be true, it’s also true is that as Thanksgiving rolls around, we start to get more stressed as formal lunches and dinners are being planned with loved […]

Be Thankful for a Clean House This November, Hire a Professional Cleaner in Anthem, NV!

November is the official time to give thanks. During this month, many folks take the time to slow down to celebrate the possessions, opportunities, and people in their lives. Although we should be grateful all year ‘round, this time of year is when we make sure we feel and express our gratitude. If you’re looking […]

Give Your Family a Better Home with Professional Cleaning in Las Vegas

Autumn is here, and for many, winter-like weather has already settled in. Due to the weather changes and the longer nights this time of year, many would rather spend more time indoors than outdoors. Cozy nights on the couch watching holiday movies with the family, cuddles near the crackling fire, cooking warm comfort food from […]

Halloween Decor is in, Authentic Cobwebs are Not. Let Our Maids in Southern Highlands Tidy Up Your Home

It’s spooky season! That means it’s time for Jack-‘o-Lanterns, costume-wearing, trick-or-treating, and scary ghost stories. For some people, it also means decking their home out with Halloween décor: pretend gravestones, skulls and bones, skeletons, bats, orange and purple lights, and cobwebs. While Halloween isn’t for everyone, others enjoy this autumn holiday. Regardless of whether or […]

Breezy Fall Cleaning in MacDonald Highlands

As springtime begins to roll around, everyone gets antsy about spring cleaning. With extra allergens in the air, many homeowners are determined to tidy their home up like never before. As everyone knows, spring cleaning goes way beyond your usual cleaning tasks like dusting and mopping. People also deep clean those regions of the house […]

Is It Worth Hiring a Maid in Green Valley, NV?

As adults, we no longer rely on our parents to clean up the home. With our own place, it’s up to us to tend to the regular cleaning duties of maintaining a household. These tasks include sweeping, dusting furniture, sanitizing the bathroom, changing the sheets and making the beds, loading the dishwasher, taking out the […]

How Often Should I Have My House Cleaned?

We all deserve a clean home – there’s no doubt about that. The concern, though, is how often our home will need to be cleaned. We are already aware that dust tends to accumulate within a few days, and neatly swept floors never stay spotless. It takes regular maintenance to ensure the inside of a […]

Get Your Weekends Back with Weekly House Cleaning in Las Vegas

As disappointing as it might seem, the more responsibilities you have, the less free time you have to do whatever you please. Many of us already live by the rule of “work before play.” Even for those of us who are prone to procrastination, responsibilities never just go away; they multiply. Cleaning is certainly one […]

Why Hire a Professional Maid in Henderson, NV?

Have you ever considered hiring a recurring maid to clean the inside of your house or apartment? Is cleaning one of the most grueling tasks on your to-do list? Does your home seem to get dirtier than you can clean it? If you answered a big fat yes to any of those questions, we think […]

Final Construction Cleaning in Green Valley, NV

Building or remodeling a home or business is a big task. From putting in new windows and flooring to installing new fixtures, anything related to construction is generally dusty, dirty, and all around messy. However, the temporary disorder and chaos is necessary as the job gets completed. However, once the project is complete, that’s when […]

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