No time to Clean? Let us do it!

No time to Clean? Let us do it!

No time to Clean? Let us do it!

The school year is back in full swing for many kids by now, and the new routine is a great change of pace for many families. It’s funny, though, how you may think you’ll have more time to clean once the kids are back in school, but it doesn’t often seem to work out that way. The time is quickly filled with other pressing tasks and cleaning gets left by the wayside. If that has happened to you, don’t just put up with having a messy house. You and your family deserve to have a pristine home to enjoy every day. Enlist the cleaning experts at Kimberly's Kleaning Service. We’re a family-owned business that has been serving Henderson, NV and surrounding areas for over 26 years. You can count on us to provide thorough cleaning services every time you call. Our prices are reasonable and affordable. We invite you to give us a call at 702-263-0468 or email If you contact us during business hours, owner and founder of Kimberly's Kleaning Service, Kimberly, will answer your call or email herself and be happy to provide you with any information you need as well as a free estimate.

Awesome house cleaning services

You’re going to love our cleaning services. Each one of our cleaners has been personally selected and trained by Kimberly herself. They all speak English well and they’re all totally reliable and honest. We can accommodate your busy schedule by setting cleaning visits for dates and times that are most convenient for you, and you can rest assured that your home will be absolutely spotless by the time our cleaners are done. To ensure all the bases are covered for each cleaning visit, our team follows a 20-point check system that includes tasks such as:

  • Dusting furniture, walls, knickknacks, etc.
  • Sweeping and mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Bathroom cleaning and sanitizing
  • Kitchen cleaning and sanitizing
  • Emptying trash

And more! If you have any special requests for tasks that you’d like taken care of, don’t hesitate to ask. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our cleaners even bring green cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners with them, so you won’t have to worry about providing them. If there are any products or supplies you prefer, we don’t mind using them in the least.

The perks of regular cleaning services

You can sign up for monthly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning services from Kimberly's Kleaning Service and enjoy a much cleaner home all year long. Imagine what you would be able to accomplish if you could cross cleaning off your to do list. It’s like a gift to yourself that keeps on giving! Entrust your home to the expert cleaners at Kimberly's Kleaning Service. It’s affordable, effective, and just so awesome. Call us for your free estimate now at 702-263-0468.

Need help? Call Kimberly anytime at 702-263-0468