How To Store Your Child’s Legos For Good

How To Store Your Child’s Legos For Good

How To Store Your Child's Legos For Good

Today at Kimberly's Kleaning Service we will give you genius ideas about where or how you can store your child’s lego pieces for good.

This comprehensive Lego organization guide is for you if you’ve accidentally walked on too many Lego pieces in the middle of the night. To protect Legos from becoming misplaced or jumbled up with other toys, it’s a good idea to arrange your family’s collection by color, set, or type. We offer practical and aesthetically pleasing advice and ideas that won’t break the wallet. Consider a few factors before deciding how to store and organize Legos the best for you. Consider how you (or your kids!) prefer to play with them. Do they enjoy building, then tearing it down and starting over? Or do they favor creating and exhibiting something?

If they fall under the first group, you should probably use containers or baskets of various sizes and sort by Lego color or type. Organizing by sets may be the best option for you if they fall into the latter category and love concentrating on one set and showcasing their finished products because each set is stored separately, and assembled ones can be placed on floating shelves or a bookshelf. We have a ton of terrific advice and ideas for you to organize all those Lego bricks finally—and keep them organized—from turning a toolbox or shoe storage bench into a Lego wall or table.

Utilize A Door Shoe Hanger.

An over-the-door shoe hanger with clear pockets is a simple and space-saving solution to keep Lego bricks arranged. The advantage of this approach is that it doesn’t consume any valuable floor space if you don’t have any extra room, and the clear pockets make it easy to see the Lego pieces and sort them. Use a distinct pocket for each color block to create a color-coded organization system that makes cleanup after playtime quick, simple, and effective!

Build A Lego Wall.

If you’re low on space, consider going vertical and building a Lego wall out of standard baseplates. They are roughly 10 inches by 12 inches, available in various colors, and may be bought online or at any Lego toy store. Obtain enough of them to cover the wall, then use glue-like liquid nails to attach them. Continue until you have covered an area that can accommodate the required Lego bricks.

Place Legos in Color Sequence

The bricks can be arranged by color in one of the simplest ways possible. Use clear bins to facilitate sorting and regular cleanup because you can see what’s inside them or mark non-clear bins or baskets to make it easier to understand what’s inside them. Additionally attractive and entertaining, a rainbow-colored organization system is an excellent addition to a child’s home or playroom. This strategy is more suited for smaller collections, so your kids don’t have to search through hundreds of red blocks only to find the one they’re looking for. You may, however, want to consider the size of the Lego collection when determining whether to employ this method.

Hanging Buckets

This creates a nice play space and makes the Legos accessible. Install a short hanging rod on the wall, add some S-hooks, and hang little buckets off the hooks to display Lego bricks in a hanging bin. Use silver metal buckets with labels to indicate what they contain, or use different-colored buckets to house Legos of various colors. Kids can readily access the buckets when they want to play and when it’s time to clean up at the end of the day if the rods are hung at their eye level.

Incorporate Floating Display Shelves

In addition to providing extra storage and visual interest, floating shelves are the ideal place to showcase beloved models and Lego projects. Create miniature Lego vignettes and displays on these wall-mounted shelves to avoid having to deconstruct everything at the end of the day or leaving it all over the floor. This will make kids proud of their works and add amusing charm to their space.

Remember The Instruction Manuals

It’s excellent to set up a Lego organization system, but don’t forget all the instruction manuals! Getting a ton of Legos out to build a fantastic project, only to discover that the instructions are missing, is the worst possible scenario, after all. Use a thick binder, fill it with transparent plastic folders, and tuck the instructions inside to keep them all organized and clean. You won’t ever have to dig through several boxes or drawers to find the handbook you need again if you attach a label on the binder to make it immediately recognizable.

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