How to Deep Clean a Gas Grill in Time for Summer!

How to Deep Clean a Gas Grill in Time for Summer!

How to Deep Clean a Gas Grill in Time for Summer!

Now that Winter is over, it’s time to start thinking about Summer! It’s nearly here! Before we begin gathering families after a long period of waiting and restrictions, remember to make a list of things that require your attention before the party begins. What about your grilling supplies? It has been sitting there all winter and most likely requires your attention. We’ll thoroughly clean your gas grill before you start cooking again.

Things you will need.

  • Tough gloves. Scrubbing, soapy water, and grease from deep cleaning of a gas grill will not be kind to your hands. Use good hand protection to keep your hands dry and protected.
  • Dish detergent. You can use whatever type of soap you prefer. Any type of soap will suffice to combat the grease. The technique you use here is more important than the detergent you use. When in doubt, we suggest blue Dawn. It’s a multipurpose dish soap that can be used for a variety of household tasks.
  • Bucket. You’ll need a lot of water, as well as a way to collect dirty run-offs.
  • Brush for cleaning the grill. Choose one with hard bristles that will suffice for heavy-duty cleaning.

Cleaning instructions.

To begin deep cleaning a gas grill, pre-heat it for 15 minutes. This will help warm the grease and soften it, making it easier to remove. The same logic applies when cleaning an oven. It is preferable to warm up an oven before applying an oven cleaner.

Using the propane tank valve, turn off the gas. Make a bucket of warm water and add a few drops of dish soap to it. Simply wet a grill scrub brush and begin cleaning the grates. Steam from hot grates will aid in the removal of dirt and grease.

When you’re finished, make sure to coat the grates with cooking oil, so food doesn’t stick the next time.

The following step is to remove and clean the deflectors in a bucket of soapy water. This will assist you in reducing smoke and burnout the next time you cook.

Remove and clean gas burners in the same manner. Grease and dirt can cause blockages, so it’s critical to clean them and then rinse them with clean water from the inside.

Then, move to the inside grill and clean the cook box. Simply place the bucket beneath the grill to collect dirty water, but first, remove the propane tank. Rinse the box with the garden hose. Dry all of the parts before reassembling them.

Wipe down the top of the grill with stainless steel cleaner to finish.

We hope this was helpful and that you have a wonderful summer BBQ party!

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