How Kimberly’s Kleaning in Spring Valley NV is Operating During COVID-19

How Kimberly’s Kleaning in Spring Valley NV is Operating During COVID-19

How Kimberly’s Kleaning in Spring Valley NV is Operating During COVID-19

Many businesses have had to shift how they operate during the Coronavirus outbreak. Due to the severity of the virus, many businesses have even had to temporarily close due to the many changes that have been necessary to safely keep a business up and running.

Some businesses are not considered essential and, thus, cannot safely resume operation at this time. As for other businesses, they have had to adapt by closing their indoor dining room and adding outdoor seating, getting stricter on their sanitation, and ensuring their staff members are healthy and are all wearing masks, for instance.

As for Kimberly’s Kleaning in Spring Valley, NV, we, too, have made it imperative to adjust by taking on many extra safety precautions during the remainder of the pandemic. Below are some of the things we’ve been doing amid the virus.

Our Maids Cannot Work if They Have Symptoms that Suggest They May be Sick.

Illness is something we take very seriously, even outside of COVID-19. However, since the outbreak, we’ve been even more cautious about having sick or possibly ill employees working. That said, if one of our maids is ill, may be ill, or has recently been around someone who has been ill, we cannot let them come into work until symptoms have been subsided for a certain period of time, they go to the doctor and bring in a note indicating a clean bill of health, and/or they receive a negative COVID-19 test – depending on the circumstances.

It’s unfair to potentially exposure our clients to something, which is why we’re 100% on board with ensuring our employees on duty are healthy. And we kindly ask that our clients, too, inform us if they are sick or if someone who is sick has recently been in the household. Preventing the spread of illness is important to us.

We’ve Greatly Amped Up Our Methods of Sanitizing and Cleaning.

As a cleaning company, we’ve always been on top of cleaning and sanitizing. It’s what we’re known for, and we’re experts at it! However, we’ve stepped up our game even more now with the pandemic.

Our staff make sure to properly sanitize all cleaning equipment before and after each use, all of our staff have been wearing gloves to prevent the potential transfer of viruses and bacteria during work, and our maids have been equipped with hand sanitizer.

All Our Staff Maintain an Appropriate Social Distance.

Six or more feet apart is what our staff members keep away from other staff as well as from clients. It’s one of many things we have in our power to keep both our maids and clients safe during this hectic time, and we will continue to maintain this social distance as long as COVID-19 lasts.

Even given the current situation, our maids would be more than happy to clean your home, with extra safety measures in place, right now. Call Kimberly’s Kleaning to make your first cleaning appointment in Spring Valley, NV.

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