How Kimberly’s Kleaning Can Make Your Thanksgiving Easier in Henderson, NV

How Kimberly’s Kleaning Can Make Your Thanksgiving Easier in Henderson, NV

How Kimberly's Kleaning Can Make Your Thanksgiving Easier in Henderson, NV

The air is getting cooler, the leaves are changing into warm colors, and fireplaces are being lit. Autumn is such a cozy and beautiful season! Although that may be true, it’s also true is that as Thanksgiving rolls around, we start to get more stressed as formal lunches and dinners are being planned with loved ones.

Especially if you’ll be hosting Turkey Day this year, you’re probably a little flustered and, not to mention, more of a busy as a bee than usual. So much to do, so little time. But have no fear, Kimberly and her cleaning crew are here to make your Thanksgiving holiday go smoothly!

We’ll Handle the Cleaning, You Take Care of the Turkey

When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you’re forced to play the role of many: the planner, the decorator, the cleaner, the chef, the host, and even the entertainer. Although you might have help from your family members in getting everything you need done, there comes a point where you still need an extra helping hand.

By hiring Kimberly’s Kleaning to take care of your house cleaning needs, you can worry less about the fact that the inside of your home looks like a pigsty and place focus on the quality of your Thanksgiving meal! This year, there’s no need to worry about vacuuming, keeping the kiddos behaved, and trying not to burn your turkey all at the same time. With Kimberly’s professional cleaning, you can have a great meal, all while enjoying a clean, safe, sterile home! Your guests will be left thinking, “Just how did the host manage to pull off such a perfect Thanksgiving?”

Cleaning Services We Provide

Thanksgiving calls for an extra-clean home. A little dusting and a quick wipe of your counters and tabletops won’t be enough to make sure your home is tidy enough for your loved ones. Nothing’s more embarrassing than having your guests arrive early while you’re still cleaning!

That’s why Kimberly’s Kleaning offers a wide variation of services, including, but not excluded to sweeping and mopping hard-surface floors, scrubbing your bathtub, wiping down your appliances, vacuuming your carpets, dusting off your fans and light fixtures, cleaning your sinks, and more.

With the option for one-time cleaning services, you can breathe a sigh of relief that we will never hound you for future services if that isn’t your intention. There are no strings attached!

Hire a Henderson, NV Maid Today

Have a less stressful Thanksgiving this year when you hire us to take charge of your cleaning! Or if you already have cleaning under control, we’ll also be happy to spruce up your home after your Thanksgiving festivities.

Either way, call us today at 702-263-0468 for a one-time cleaning appointment in Henderson, NV!

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