How do you keep dog odors at bay in your home? Tips for better housekeeping.

How do you keep dog odors at bay in your home? Tips for better housekeeping.

How do you keep dog odors at bay in your home? Tips for better housekeeping.

We adore our furry best friends! But what if you begin to notice an unpleasant and, moreover, persistent odor that is most likely caused by your pets? Let’s take it step by step and see what you can do to keep your house clean and fresh so you don’t have to do a deep cleaning.

Where to begin?

To keep our homes free of dog odors, we must keep our dogs clean and their toys, bowls, beds, and so forth. Every day and at least once a week, bowls and the surrounding area should be cleaned. Wash their toys regularly (dishwasher for tough plastic/silicon toys and regular washer for stuffed toys). Remember to clean your walls, windows, and doors.

Maintain the cleanliness of your furniture.

Fur can be one of the causes of odor, so it’s important to check your furniture on a regular basis. Different tools should be used for different types of dog fur. Beagles have a short, coarse coats that will stick to the fabrics. I discovered a regular lint roller works best with that type of fur. Gloves made of rubber

Service for deep cleaning The method would work best with a thin, long coat. Wipe down the furniture with dry rubber gloves, collecting everything.

Accidents occur. Here’s how to get clean them up.

Of course, the main source of the odor is dog urine. Even the most well-behaved dogs have accidents in the house. The best solution, in this case, is to wipe it off as soon as it occurs. Suppose urine remains on the surface for an extended period of time (carpet or hardwood, it makes no difference). In that case, it has the potential to penetrate the subfloor and remains there indefinitely. Accumulating those accidents will add an unpleasant odor to your home, which you will be unable to remove unless you are willing to completely redo the floor. Carpet is notorious for absorbing different scents, but Resolve Urine Destroyer can be extremely useful in cleaning it quickly.

Tips for better house cleaning each time.

No matter what products or methods you use, try to maintain your space neat and vacuum/wash floors and furniture regularly. This will help a lot with fighting those unpleasant odors.

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