Final Construction Cleaning in Green Valley, NV

Final Construction Cleaning in Green Valley, NV

Final Construction Cleaning in Green Valley, NV

Building or remodeling a home or business is a big task. From putting in new windows and flooring to installing new fixtures, anything related to construction is generally dusty, dirty, and all around messy. However, the temporary disorder and chaos is necessary as the job gets completed. However, once the project is complete, that’s when the mess becomes a problem.

As you get to the end of your project, you can turn to Kimberly’s Kleaning to tend to the final stages of your new construction or remodel. Our team of cleaners will gladly provide the beautiful final touches to your messy-yet-finished new build or remodel, whether it be a home or commercial property.

Services We Offer for Final Construction Cleaning

Trained specifically in final construction cleaning, our team has what it takes to provide a job well done. For final construction cleaning, we offer a handful of services including, but not limited to, sticker and glue removal from materials, floor cleaning, detailed kitchen cleaning, indoor and outdoor window washing, light fixture and switch plate cleaning, and much more.

Chances are, if it requires cleaning, our team will gladly spruce it up to your liking! Not sure if we will be able to provide the exact cleaning services you need? Just ask us!

No Project is Too Big or Too Small

Whether it’s just a little wiping and dusting your build or remodel requires or a deep mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, Kimberly’s cleaning crew can provide the services you need for a more pristine, safer, and more aesthetic environment. In turn, you or your client(s) can move into their home quicker or enjoy their commercial property faster.

Even if you’re hesitant that the task may be too big or too small for a team of professional cleaners, get in contact with Kimberly first. You’d be surprised at the wide range of services we can provide you, regardless of the size of the project.

We Work with Construction Companies, Communities, & Commercial Clients!

Our crew at Kimberly’s Kleaning have not only worked with dozens of construction companies but also directly with housing communities in need of condo or house cleaning services post-construction. Apart from residential final construction cleaning, we’ve also worked with commercial clients, from dental offices to restaurants and other eateries, to clean up after new construction or renovation.

Whether you need a residential or commercial property cleaned up after construction or reconstruction, call us today at 702-263-0468. We’re more than happy to provide a free estimate prior to you starting services with us!

Need help? Call Kimberly anytime at 702-263-0468