Enjoy Spring Cleaning All Year ’round with Kimberly’s Kleaning

Enjoy Spring Cleaning All Year ’round with Kimberly’s Kleaning

Enjoy Spring Cleaning All Year 'round with Kimberly's Kleaning

Researchers believe spring cleaning was first established as early as 3,000 B.C. However, it is debatable where in the world spring cleaning first had its origins. Some credit the Persians for inventing spring cleaning or khooneh tekouni as a Persian New Year (Iranian Nowruz) ritual or even the Chinese who deep clean their homes prior to Chinese New Year or Spring Festival (Chūnjié). Others credit the Jewish for first engaging in “spring cleaning” in an annual preparation for Passover (Pesach).

Regardless of where spring cleaning first started, this is a tradition we often still partake in today around the world, typically around late winter to the early months of spring. However, as spring comes to a close, we may return back to our messy habits and, thus, an untidy home.

At Kimberly’s Kleaning, however, we are firm believers that spring cleaning has no season. For that reason, we aim to provide high-quality home cleaning services in the Las Vegas area no matter the time of year.

Weekly House Cleaning Service

With Kimberly’s Kleaning weekly cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about your hard efforts cleaning you home in the spring going to waste as the year progresses. To top it off, recurring cleaning services will give you peace of mind as you garner the benefit of holding less responsibility over the cleanliness of your home the remainder of the year.

Whether you have filthy carpets and dirty baseboards or grimy hardwood floors and dusty light fixtures, our team follows a 20 Point Check System to ensure we don’t miss a speck of dirt.

One-Time Cleaning Service

Even those who think they have a good grip on their house-cleaning duties, there are moments where one might wish the house would just clean itself. This is especially true after a long, tiring day at work or right before hosting a special event or party on your property. So much to do, so little time, right?

For those moments you wish you didn’t have to lift a finger to tend to the muck and disorganization of the interior of your home, you can count on Kimberly’s Kleaning to deliver top notch, one-time house cleaning without our team pestering you to commit to weekly cleaning services.

Tidying Homes Since 1994

Kimberly’s Kleaning was founded in 1994 by Kimberly and Gary Mazzone and continues to operate as a family-run cleaning service business. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing fast, friendly service that will leave you personally satisfied and your home sparkling like a disco ball.

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