Debunking Common Myths About Maid Service in Las Vegas NV

Debunking Common Myths About Maid Service in Las Vegas NV

Debunking Common Myths About Maid Service in Las Vegas NV

You might have friends or family members brag to you about how nice it is to have maids come clean their Las Vegas, NV home every now and then. Or, maybe you were raised in a home where you were taught to pick up after yourself and not rely on others to keep your space clean for you.

In either scenario, you might find yourself skeptical regarding hiring a maid for your own home. Would if it ends up being a waste of money? Will you be pleased with the results? Do you even need maid service from the start? These questions might swirl around your head.

Although everyone has their own reasons for opting for, or opting against, professional housecleaning, debunking the following three common myths about maids will be important when deciding if hiring a maid is right for you.

“Maid service is only for the rich and not for someone like me.”

Professional cleaners are certainly not only restricted to the wealthy or highly privileged. Kimberly’s Kleaning has provided, and continues to provide, service for individuals of all lifestyles, backgrounds, and socioeconomic situations. With some of the fairest pricing in all of Clark County, Kimberly’s Kleaning has been one of the most commonly chosen housecleaning companies since 1994.

“My privacy will be compromised when I hire a professional cleaner.”

Privacy is by far one of the things people value the most when it comes to their home. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to assume a housecleaner will snoop through their belongings and/or steal their possessions. This would be a scary thought for anybody.

We can assure you that at Kimberly’s Kleaning, our only goal is to clean your house, providing results that you’re happy with. Going through your personal stuff, let alone thieving your precious assets, goes against our company policy and our cleaners’ individual philosophies. With good faith and honesty in our intentions, we promise to leave you with your right to privacy while merely engaging in our designated job duties while on the premises of your property.

“There aren’t many cleaning services a maid will offer that will be relevant to my situation.”

Many people think that maids mostly mop, sweep, vacuum, and wipe down countertops. Therefore, they assume the results will not only not be worth the money, but that they won’t be happy with them.

While our maids at Kimberly’s Kleaning do all of the latter tasks, there are numerous other cleaning services we also provide, depending on your wants and needs. Our team will go the extra mile to tidy up your home, even cleaning your baseboards, wiping the dust off your fans and light fixtures, and giving your bathtub(s) and toilet(s) a deep scrub. Among the dozens of cleaning tasks we already engage in, Kimberly and her employees will also be happy to take on a special cleaning task of your choice.

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