Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 2

Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 2

Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 2

In our previous blog post: Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 1, we gave you ten pro tips which, if you tried, we are sure you will repeatedly use throughout your home.

Today, we are here to give you six more pro tips you will absolutely love; better yet, they will help you keep your home fresh and clean until your next home cleaning appointment with Kimberly's Kleaning Service.

Use a melted crayon to cover up floor scratches.

Nothing makes you sicker than a large gouge on your hardwood floor. Don’t be alarmed the next time a piece of furniture ends up leaving a mark on your floors! To cover the spot, simply use a matching melted crayon. Simply microwave until pliable at ten-second intervals. The wax should be rubbed into the scratch. Remove any excess wax with a credit card and buff it with a cloth; your scratch will be barely visible.

Use newspaper as a trash can liner.

You should line the inside of your trash can with newspaper. It is straightforward and will catch any spills or leaks that seep into the can and spoil things. The newspaper is thrown into your compost when you replace the bag, making the process quick, easy, and clean.

Use oil against itself.

To remove oil splatter from your cabinets or backsplash, use a little cooking spray or a paper towel dipped in olive oil. Wipe with a clean cloth until no oily residue has been removed.

Use boiling water to clean your microwave.

Forget about scrubbing or spraying the baked-on goo that builds up in your microwave; gross. Simply microwave a cup of water or lemon water for three minutes to bring it to a boil. Leave it in the microwave for another minute or two. It will be easy to wipe it down with a paper towel.

Pledge can be used on other surfaces.

Anyone who has unintentionally sprayed furniture polish on a floor knows how slippery it makes everything. Try spraying it on your stainless steel doors (stove, refrigerator) for the best shine and polished appearance. You can also use Pledge to prevent water spots and maintain the appearance of your glass shower door.

Hairspray can be your best friend when tackling ink and lipstick

Hairspray’s alcohol content makes it the perfect solution for removing ink and lipstick from clothing, fabric, and other stain-prone surfaces. If a pen falls out of your pocket or your lipstick spills somewhere it shouldn’t, liberally spray hairspray on the area and then rinse it.

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