Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 1

Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 1

Cleaning Hacks, You Wish You Knew About Sooner: Part 1

At Kimberly's Kleaning Service, we love giving you pro tips and tricks you can use to keep your home spotless until your next scheduled cleaning service with us.

The truth is that cleaning is never fun; however, we have to worry about and invest a lot of time in it if we want a clean, welcoming home.

We are experts in cleaning, but understand that you might need a little help, at least until you call 702-263-0468 and schedule your next cleaning appointment with a cleaning expert from Kimberly's Kleaning Service.

Below are 10 Cleaning tips you won’t believe you have been able to live without.

Use dish soap to clean your blender.

If cleaning your smoothie maker or blender is a hassle, try pulsing water and dish soap. This will remove anything hiding in your blender’s crevices and crevices. Simply rinse and allow to air dry after.

Towels help to dry clothes faster.

Putting a dry towel in the dryer with your wet clothes will dry them faster than if they went in alone. The towel absorbs moisture from the clothing and significantly reduces drying time. If you’re in a hurry, try a smaller batch—smaller batches always dry faster than larger ones.

Pet hair can be collected using rubber gloves.

Hello there, pet owners! Use a squeegee or rubber glove to remove pet hair from upholstery easily. The rubber grabs and removes hair in a way that other items cannot. Another option is to use a pumice stone to remove calluses from your feet. Use the stone to pick up hair on fabrics or to remove pilling from knitwear.

Dust lamp shades with a lint roller.

Lampshades can attract dust and pet hair. An adhesive lint roller is one of the simplest ways to remove dust. Simply run it over the lampshade to collect everything. Lint rollers can also be used to clean up broken beads on a necklace. Lint rollers are also useful for removing glitter from craft or project areas.

Use your dishwasher to clean plastic toys.

You should be aware that your dishwasher can clean more than just dishes. Place Legos and other plastic toys in a laundry bag and wash them in your dishwasher’s top rack. If you’re washing items made of softer plastic, use the low-heat cycle.

Paper Towels make great shelf liners.

Your fridge will stay clean and drip-free if you line the drawers and shelves with paper towels, waxed paper, or Glad “Press ‘N’ Seal.” Paper towels are used as shelf liners in my bathroom cabinets and drip trays under my plants. In a pinch, they work well as placemats as well.

Reduce cleanup costs by using aluminum foil.

One of Kimberly's Kleaning Service preferred cleaning tips? Use tinfoil to keep my pans, crockpot, and other cookware clean. It’s great not to have to scrub pans for days and just recycle the aluminum foil. Your cookie sheets will also continue to look lovely. The foil can even be put to use a second time by being rolled into balls and used to scrub any tough residue left over from dishwashing.

Clean your oven rack and burners with ammonia.

Try drizzling ammonia over your oven racks or burners the next time you need to clean them. Then, leave them in the bag overnight to soak up the ammonia. Wearing gloves, open the bag in a well-ventilated area. The oven grates will be spotless. This cleaning tip can also be used to clean grill racks. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the area to remove any odors or ammonia residue.

You can use vinegar for almost anything.

Vinegar has a zillion different applications. It thoroughly cleans everything, and because it contains acid, bacteria are killed. Vinegar is gentle enough to use in most household applications and removes stains. Distilled white vinegar is an inexpensive and efficient solution for removing water stains from surfaces and faucets. Your toilet bowl will be whiter, and your sink will be free of stains. Vinegar can be used to clean your coffee maker, remove water buildup, and aid in dye set.

Dust and freshen up with dryer sheets.

Although dryer sheets appear to be one of those things with only one use, they actually have a ton of uses. Did you know that you could dust with dryer sheets? Bonus: they genuinely leave a dust-repellent behind! You can use dryer sheets to remove static from your hair or to prevent tights and a skirt from riding up. They can be soaked in a pan of water to get rid of caked-on food or put in drawers to freshen things up.

Let us do the dirty work for you.

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