Chime in the New Year with a Clean Home in Summerlin NV

Chime in the New Year with a Clean Home in Summerlin NV

Chime in the New Year with a Clean Home in Summerlin NV

The beginning of 2020 means a lot of things: the start of a new year, the kick-off to a new decade, and the time that we’re supposed to be coming up with and sticking to New Year’s resolutions. Dieting and losing weight are perhaps some of the top resolutions people across the nation come up with. Sound familiar?

If you’re tired of making resolutions only to break them weeks or months into the new year, we have a better plan. Instead of continuing to make the same resolution every 365 days, make 2020 your year for a cleaner house! By hiring a regular maid in Summerlin, NV from Kimberly’s Kleaning, you could have a spruced-up home not just towards the beginning of this year but for as long as you sign up for our professional cleaning services.

Why Choose Regular Maid Service?

Weekly or multi-weekly maid service sounds a little extra for those who are used to cleaning their own homes. We get it. But whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, full-time employee, business owner, or retiree, all of us could benefit from having someone else clean our home for us.

There are many scenarios that make you a good fit for maid service:

  • Cleaning the house is your least favorite responsibility.
  • You have a physical or mental setback that makes it difficult to clean.
  • Housekeeping isn’t per se your forte. (“I can never seem to properly clean soap scum from my bathtub!”; “I’m not sure what type of cleaning spray I should be using on my brand-new wooden furniture.”)
  • The kids and/or pets in your life seem to make consistent messes that you can’t keep up with.
  • Even when you clean, your home doesn’t seem to have that polished look.
  • You work long hours, leaving you exhausted when it comes time to cleaning the house.
  • Cleaning is something you often put off.
  • You frequently host events, parties, or gatherings at your residence and require a clean home often.

Do any of the latter apply to you?

Fortunately, leaving the mess to a maid can leave you with a lighter load and a tidier home! In fact, the maids at Kimberly’s Kleaning have substantial experience cleaning the interiors of homes in the fastest and most thorough manner as possible.

Call Kimberly to Learn More About Our Types of Maid Services

Now that you know you’re a good candidate for regular maid service in Summerlin, NV, it’s time to set up your very first appointment. We know how intimidating it can be to opt for long-term services. For that reason, Kimberly and her crew also offer one-time cleaning to allow you the opportunity to give our experienced staff a little “test run” before choosing to hire us for more frequent cleaning service.

Simply contact Kimberly at 702-263-0468 now to learn more details about the different maid services her company offers and to schedule your initial service.

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