A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Up After a Party

A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Up After a Party

A Step by Step Guide to Cleaning Up After a Party

You’ve made the decision to host a house party. Everyone in your circle of friends and family is having a fantastic time—dancing, eating delicious food, and engaging in stimulating discussion. The night draws to a close, and everyone departs with large grins on their faces. You return inside your house as the laughing dies away and you wave to the final automobile. Only to be confronted with the fallout.

There are empty glasses, bottles, and plates all over the place! There are crumbs on the floor and on the furniture that are large enough to make full dinners. And what exactly is that?! Is there a crimson wine stain on your cream-colored rug’s corner?

Cleaning up after a party may be almost as stressful as throwing the party itself. However, I’ll guide you through everything step by step to make it a lot easier. Of course, if you would rather let us take over for you, we’d be glad to do so. Contact Kimberly's Kleaning Service at 702-263-0468 to learn about one-time cleaning tasks we can handle for you.

Steps for cleaning up after a party on the same day

While it may be tempting to pour the rest of that almost-empty bottle of wine on the table into a disposable cup and go to bed, leaving the mess behind, this is not a good idea. It will be much better if you attend to specific duties immediately following the celebration.

Any leftovers should be packaged and stored in the refrigerator. This will keep ants and other pests out of your home while you’re sleeping. It also keeps smells at bay. Take a big dishpan or other large container with you. Place all the empty bottles, cans, and plastic cups into it as you walk about. Sort them out and place them in the proper recycling containers.

Obtain some garbage bags. Collect all rubbish and place it in garbage bags outdoors. Collect any dirty dishes, glasses, serving utensils, and tableware in the same dishpan. Fill the dishwasher with one load and run it. If necessary, soak pans or dishes in the sink.

Check for spills on furniture, rugs, or carpets and start stain removal. Launder all of the table linens, bathroom towels, and kitchen towels in one load. After that, put it in the dryer. Fill the toilet with toilet bowl cleanser and leave it there while you go about your day.

On the toilet seat, toilet handle, and faucets, spray a disinfectant, such as Lysol. In addition to those locations, squirt some on doorknobs around your house and wipe a bit off the light switches. Wipe off the bathroom counters with a disinfectant that is appropriate for the material they are made of.

Return to the bathroom. Scrub it with the brush and flush away the cleaning solution. Wipe off the kitchen counters using a cleaner that is safe for the material. Examine wooden surfaces, such as tabletops, for water rings. Remove trash and sticky messes from the floor with a vacuum or sweeping and mopping.

Cleaning up after the party the next day

Remove all decorations. Retain any objects you intend to keep and discard the rest. Remove the dishes from the dishwasher and put them away. Remove the ones that were allowed to soak overnight and place them in the dishwasher. Put those away once it’s finished. Hand-wash any objects that are too big or fragile for the dishwasher.

Take the washing load out of the dryer. Fold and store such things. Remove any fingerprints that guests may have left on mirrors and windows. Replace any rugs or valuables you may have moved before to the party.

Put away patio cushions or other items that you typically store in storage while not in use if your visitors were outside. If the barbeque grill and outdoor kitchen were used during the celebration, they should be cleaned. To remove any trash or sticky messes, hose down the terrace.

When you work intelligently and divide it down into small parts, cleaning up after a party can be a breeze. Of course, you don’t have to do it alone. At Kimberly's Kleaning Service we can help with weekly cleaning, one-time cleaning, specialty cleaning, and everything in between.

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