2 Maids, 2 Hours, Only $130! Schedule Affordable Maid Service in Summerlin NV Today

2 Maids, 2 Hours, Only $130! Schedule Affordable Maid Service in Summerlin NV Today

2 Maids, 2 Hours, Only $130! Schedule Affordable Maid Service in Summerlin NV Today

When your home’s need for a deep cleaning is a definite must, but you feel your budget is too slim to hire a maid, you might feel uncertain what to do next. Clean it on your own? No, your time is too limited. Have the kids do some extra chores this week to earn a little extra allowance? Maybe not, you think; they’re still too young to engage in some of the household cleaning duties you need to have done. Or maybe they, too, have hectic schedules. What next?

Here’s a Solution: Hire Affordable Maids from Kimberly’s Kleaning!

Hiring maids sounds like something only a few select people would do. However, it’s actually something that many people opt for. When time is limited, yet the house always seems like a disorganized mess, hiring maids to do the cleaning for you is a major stress reliever. Not only can you rest knowing that you won’t have a hefty load of cleaning tasks to tend to on your own, but hiring professional cleaners can save hours out of your personal schedule.

Better yet, the right cleaners will know exactly where to start in your home. Professional maids will also exhaustively clean every which way, even in the spots you don’t normally clean. But no worries – the thorough clean provided by maids at Kimberly’s Kleaning doesn’t take long. With two maids at your service at the same time, expect your home to be spruced up perfectly in just two hours tops!

Phenomenal Service, Competitive Pricing

Not only are the maids employed at Kimberly’s Kleaning heavily experienced in the cleaning industry; the prices they offer for their services are fantastic. Never will you have to pay a king’s ransom for any of our company’s many cleaning services. We find it important to compare our pricing to that of other professional cleaning companies in Southern Nevada to ensure we’re not only offering fair prices near market value but also making things financially feasible for our customers who may otherwise not get to enjoy quality cleaning service.

Schedule Your First Maid Service in Summerlin NV.

Are you looking for one-time, temporary, or even permanent maid service for your home in Summerlin, NV? Kimberly’s Kleaning offers a wide range of appointment frequencies and cleaning services depending on what your home requires. There’s nothing better than having plenty of options!

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