Post Construction Site Cleaning in Summerlin NV

Post Construction Site Cleaning in Summerlin NV

Post Construction Site Cleaning in Summerlin NV

Rely on Kimberly’s Kleaning for professional post construction site cleaning in Summerlin NV.

When it comes to construction projects, new is not the same as clean! Construction crews may make a cursory pass with the broom through the property, but there will still be plenty of other cleaning tasks left undone or poorly done. At Kimberly’s Kleaning, post construction site cleaning in Summerlin NV is one of our specialties. We know exactly where dirt and residue likes to hide and we will eliminate it to make your new property shine.

The Most Thorough Post Construction Cleanup in Summerlin NV

Some cleaning companies do a pretty superficial job on post construction cleanup in Summerlin NV. You might walk into a property that looks clean, only to open up a drawer or cabinet and find dust! At Kimberly’s Kleaning, we don’t just give you a superficial clean. Instead we provide a deep, thorough cleaning that tackles every nook and cranny of the property. Our cleaning checklist includes:

  • Removing all stickers & glue from new materials
  • Picking up minor debris
  • Cleaning floors (sweeping & mopping or vacuuming)
  • Dusting walls, baseboards, moldings, door frames, and windowsills
  • Washing interior and exterior window glass
  • Thorough bathroom cleaning including tubs, toilets, floors, etc.
  • Detailed kitchen cleaning including appliances
  • Complete cleaning of cabinetry
  • Washing light fixtures, vents, switch plates, mirrors, and windows

We Handle All Types of Final Construction Cleaning in Summerlin NV

No matter how large the construction project, our team of experienced cleaners can get the final construction cleaning in Summerlin NV done on time and on budget. Our experience includes not only individual homes, but also entire condo complexes as well as commercial properties. Our most recent project involved a newly built 40-story condo property and it went off without a hitch.

Why Trust Us with Your Final Construction Cleanup in Summerlin NV

As a builder or developer, you’re always watching your bottom line. You need your final construction cleanup in Summerlin NV done right, but you also need it to fit your budget. You can turn to Kimberly’s Kleaning for thorough cleaning at a fair price and know we’ll provide what we promise because:

  • We have the best cleaners–all of whom have been personally trained by owner Kimberly Mazzone
  • Our company is licensed, bonded and insured including workers comp coverage
  • We have 20 years’ worth of references and countless final construction projects to our credit
  • We keep our promises regarding schedule and budget
  • We guarantee your satisfaction

Call Now to Schedule Post Construction Site Cleaning in Summerlin NV

Give us a call at 702-263-0468 during business hours to speak directly to our owner Kimberly Mazzone about your post construction site cleaning in Summerlin NV. We can meet any special needs you may have and we look forward to working with you to put the final touches on your new property.

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